Mr. Teodor V. Melescanu elected to the International Law Commission - Geneva, May 5, 2003

During its 55th Session, at its 2751st meeting on 5 May 2003, the International Law Commission re-elected Mr. Teodor Melescanu (Romania), in accordance with the article 11 of the Commission's statute, to fill one of the casual vacancies in the Commission's membership.

Mr. Theodor Melescanu, Senator in the Parliament of Romania and former Foreign Minister (1992 - 1996), has a broad and far-reaching experience and contribution, both academic and practical, in the field of international law. As former International Law Commission member (1997 - 2002) Mr. Melescanu was the Chairman of the Working Group for the elaboration of commentaries to the draft articles on State responsibility and was member of the other 5 Working Groups and 4 Drafting Committees of the Commission. The period of Mr. Melescanu's new mandate is 2003 - 2006

Mr. Melescanu is now serving as First Vice-Chairman of the International Law Commission.

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