A new Resolution presented by Romania and adopted by the Commission on Human Rights - Geneva, April 23, 2003

On 23 April 2003, the Commission on Human Rights adopted the Resolution 2003/36, based on the draft presented by Romania and entitled "Interdependence between democracy and human rights". The delegation of Peru associated itself with Romania as main co-sponsor. Eventually, sixty-seven Member States signed the resolution as co-sponsors.

The new resolution, in its operative part, is action oriented and provides for steps forward in the efforts of this Commission aimed at promoting and upholding democracy. A special emphasis will be suggested on enhanced coherence in the United Nations system and on a more active profile of the Office of the High Commissioner in promoting democracy and helping democratization processes to advance. Similar recommendations are addressed to the special procedures. A more active and focused role will be invited from regional, subregional and other organizations and arrangements, as the best way to make universal values and principles of democracy genuinely accepted and implemented in specific regional, cultural and societal contexts. Other practical steps are also envisaged, among which the organization of a second expert seminar on "democracy and the rule of law".

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