Inauguration of the Romanian Hall at the Palais des Nations in Geneva - January 27, 2003

The new Romanian Hall at the Palais des Nations in Geneva was inaugurated on January 27th 2003, in the presence of Mr. Adrian Nastase, Prime Minister of Romania (please see speech delivered on this occasion).

The Romanian Hall (Porte 6, Third Floor) was entirely renovated and decorated by a team of Romanian specialists, in the last two months of 2002. This donation, offered by the Romanian Government to the United Nations Office in Geneva, is part of the 120th Year Anniversary of Nicolae Titulescu, exceptional diplomat and statesman, whose life and work was closely linked to the city of Geneva and the League of Nations.

The Romanian Hall provides excellent conference facilities and features an exhibition of paintings by Alin Gheorghiu, as well as a sculpture by Ion Irimescu. The right-hand wall of the room is a show-case of traditional Romanian arts and crafts, spanning history from the Neolithic age and Ancient times to the Middle Ages and modern times. The Romanian Hall will soon be included in the tourist circuit of the Palais des Nations.  

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