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March-April, 2001 - The Romanian delegation continues its initiatives in support of democratisation processes.

During the 57th session of the Commission on Human Rights, Romania continued its series of resolutions on democracy. This year, the draft presented and negotiated by the delegation of Romania was adopted as resolution 2001/41, entitled "Continuing dialogue on measures to promote and consolidate democracy".

The new resolution is a follow-up of the resolutions 2000/47 of the Commission on Human Rights and 55/96 of the General Assembly, entitled "Promoting and consolidating democracy" and builds upon them. It is an invitation to dialogue on the concrete measures to promote and consolidate democracy. It is meant to enhance the relevance and the profile of the Commission of Human Rights in the promotion of principles, values, institutions, mechanisms and practices that underpin formal democratic structures. The dialogue to which the resolution invites is one characterized by inclusion and openness. The resolution indicates that the issue of democracy is one of high interest for the United Nations Members States, which discuss it not only in various bodies in United Nations system, but also in other intergovernmental fora, at international or regional level. It recognizes the need to work continuously to promote respect for democratic values and principles, and improve the functioning of democratic institutions and mechanisms.

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