Commission on Human Rights

Fifty-eighth session
Item 11: Civil and Political Rights

Statement by Mr. Petru Dumitriu, delegation of Romania

GENEVA - 12 April 2002 -

  1. Romania takes pride for having presented to the Commission on Human Rights, two years ago, the resolution 2000/47, entitled "Promoting and consolidating of democracy". More and more attention across all continents is given to the subject of democracy, which embraces, in a holistic vision, all human rights. The debate continues to be fertile and my delegation is convinced that increasing support is forming around the above mentioned resolution, until the moment we might be ready to come back with the same resolutioon, but which hopefully will be adopted by consensus.
  2. A first opportunity to go deeper into the subject will be the seminar on the interdependence between human rights and democracy which will be organized this year, as requested in the resolution 2001/41 adopted during the 57th session. This interdependence is more evident than ever while we witness situations when fragile democracy can quickly fall back to violations of human rights.
  3. Indeed
    • holding free and fair elections contributes to the fulfillment of the right to political participation;
    • llowing free and independent media contributes to fulfillment of the right to freedom of expression, thought and conscience;
    • eparating powers among branches of government protect citizens from abuses of their civil and political rights;
    • encouraging an open civil society contributes to fulfillment of the right to peaceful assembly and association (as well as participation).
  4. The Commission on Human Rights should continue to work hard, every year, to discuss and find out new ways to promote and consolidate democracy. We welcome, from this perspective, the new initiative in the series of resolutions on democracy, taken by the delegation of Peru.
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