WTO General Council Regular Meeting



Accesion of the Republic of Moldova

GENEVA - 8 May 2001 -

Mr. Chairman,

For the very beginning I have to say that it is a great honour and privilege for me to have the chance to speak on behalf of my delegation on this historic day of the accession of our very special friend and neighbour - the Republic of Moldova - to the WTO, and to witness that this accession is received with great emotion and sincere sympathy by my country.

We warmly welcome Mr. Vasile Tarlev, the Prime - Minister of the Republic of Moldova and his distinguished delegation to this meeting.

The particular and longstanding spiritual, historical and trade relations between our countries are only part of the reasons for which my country welcomes so cordially this accession to the WTO; during the negotiation process, Moldova has made considerable steps forward aimed at creating an open and competitive economy thus becoming more attractive and predictable for its trading partners.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the negotiation teams, in both Chisinau and Geneva, for their complex, intensive and often difficult work, and the Government, for its strong commitment to participate in the multilateral trading system. Throughout the lengthy and complex accession process, Moldova has continuously shown its determination to carry out fundamental economic reforms, facilitating its further full integration into the world trading system. In the meantime, we are confident that the accession process has also been an important factor in streamlining those reforms.

Mr. Chairman,

We are persuaded that the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the WTO will improve market-access conditions for its goods and services on international markets, implementation of WTO principles in its trade policy, creating new opportunities and a more competitive environment for business.

The membership of the Republic of Moldova in the WTO will ensure a solid foundation for sustained investment and economic growth, offering an excellent platform for intensified global and regional integration. It will, we are confident, bring the Republic of Moldova closer to its legitimate goals of joining, once again, the European family of free, democratic and prosperous nations.

We trust that this new accession will contribute to the further strengthening of the multilateral trading system and we hope that the Republic of Moldova will become an effective and active participant in the WTO immediately upon entry into force of the Protocol of Accession.

The Republic of Moldova is an important trading partner of my country, our common wish to strengthen trade relations being reinforced from 1995 through a free trade agreement; we are confident that the accession of Moldova to the WTO will offer new dimensions to our economic links towards their enforcement and broadening horizons.

We congratulate once again our friends for the efforts in completing the accession process successfully, and we are looking forward to working with the Republic of Moldova in the WTO in the same excellent, open-minded and friendly spirit that has guided our bilateral relations to date.

In conclusion, Mr. Chairman, please allow me to convey to the distinguished delegation of Moldova " sincere si calde felicitari, sa va ajute si sa ne ajute Dumnezeu".

Thank you.

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