On 14 and 17 September 2001, the WTO Trade Policy Review Body proceeded to the sixth trade policy review of the United States. The WTO Secretariat report, along with the policy statement by the Government of the United States, have served as a basis for this exercise.

Please find below the statement by H.E. Mrs. Anda FILIP, the Permanent Representative of Romania to the WTO, on this occasion.

WTO - the sixth trade policy review of the United States

Satement by
Permanent Representative of Romania to the
United Nations Office in Geneva

Geneva, September 17, 2001

First, Mr. Chairman, let me welcome the U.S. delegation to Geneva and to express my sincere congratulations for the interesting opening remarks made by the head of the delegation, H.E. Ambassador Linnet Deily.

Second, I would also like to extend my congratulations and thanks to the discussant, our friend, H.E. Mr. Hovorka, for the very realistic, comprehensive and helpful contribution to this exercise.

It is a great pleasure for me to speak on this occasion, and to congratulate the United States for their economic performance during the period under review, for their active participation in the WTO activities and for the strong commitment and leadership in safeguarding and strengthening the multilateral trading system. In this context it worth highlighting that the President of the United States has included in the Trade Agenda the pursuing of the goal of a new Round of global trade negotiations under the WTO as well as of the continuation of some other regional and bilateral initiatives for concluding free-trade areas and agreements.

As stated on several occasions and proved in practice Romania fully shares the view of the U.S. authorities that regional initiatives are complementary to the multilateral ones, strengthening the global trading system.

Moreover, it must be pointed out that even if the current account deficit continued during the period under review, the U.S. resisted to protectionist pressure, remaining essentially open to imports.

The participation of the United States in the WTO continued to be of major importance, including by their valuable contribution to the various issues discussed in this forum, like: increasing internal and external transparency, mandated negotiations, electronic commerce and other relevant and concrete issues confronting the new global trading framework.

We note from the Report by the Secretariat that during the period under review, the United States has continued to be "the most active complainant and respondent in the WTO dispute settlement mechanism". I have to mention here that out of the 34 US complaints active between January 1999 to May 2001, one case regarded Romania. It is my pleasure to underline that, in the next coming days, we are expecting the settlement of this case to be notified to the Dispute Settlement Body.

Mr. Chairman,

U.S. is a significant trading partner for Romania, and an important provider of technical assistance for economic reform in my country. Romanian-American bilateral relations have strengthened steadily during the past 10 years, especially under the aegis of the strategic partnership launched in 1997 between our countries, which sets out priorities of cooperation and provides for a substantive dialog and cooperation on a wide spectrum of subjects, including economic relations.

Among the countries investing in Romania, the U.S. ranks 4th, holding 7.38 per cent of the total foreign investments, after other strategic investors such as France, Germany and Holland, being the first non-European investor in Romania.

With economic reform and restructuring well under way, an increasingly business-friendly environment and solid prospects for a second year of growth of over 5 per cent, we consider that the future hold great potential for a substantially enhanced cooperation between Romania and the U.S.

In conclusion, Mr. Chairman, I would like to encourage the U.S. to maintain its leadership and hard work in shaping and improving future international trade rules.

And certainly, we feel that this common objective could not be better accomplished than by launching a new round of multilateral trade negotiations in Doha, in November this year.

Thank you.

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