WIPO - the 14th Session of the General Assembly

Speech by
H.E. Mrs. Anda FILIP, Permanent Representative of Romania

on behalf of the Group of the Central European and Baltic States

Geneva, May 26, 2003

Mr. Chairman,
Dear colleagues,

Let me start by congratulating Dr. Kamil Idris on behalf of the Group of the Central European and Baltic States on his re-appointment as a Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization. It is an honour and pleasure for me to do this.

As on other occasions, our group has joined the unanimous view and expressed its appreciation for the outstanding way in which the Organization, under the leadership of Dr. Kamil IDRIS, has implemented its policy agenda and carried out its planned activities. During this period WIPO has established itself as one of the leading organizations in the knowledge-based economy. Its impressive and yet predictable development, as well as sound finances, has been an important feature in a sometimes turbulent international environment. Today, the Organization is well prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

At this 14TH extraordinary session of the General Assembly our regional group wishes to pay tribute and highlight the personal contribution by Dr. Kamil IDRIS for securing the impressive and dynamic performance of the organization. Indeed, the new vision of the Director General has allowed WIPO to pursue a rich and diversified agenda. The Organization has implemented projects and initiatives, which, on the one hand, have met or surpassed the expectations of the member-states, and, on the other hand, have enhanced WIPO's transition from a predominantly regulatory body into an Organization with an integrated vision, where intellectual property serves as a tool for economic and social development.

Indeed, there have been many significant achievements of the Organization over the past years. I would mention just a few examples, such as the adoption and entry into force of new international treaties in the field of patent law, industrial designs and copyright and related rights; the launching of the digital agenda and WIPO's successful initiatives in the Internet domain names dispute resolution; the successful start of the activities of the WIPO Academy; the WIPOnet project improving connectivity with national IP offices; the attention to the problems of the SMES, the new focus on traditional knowledge, genetic resources and folklore. Time does not permit me to go into more detail and expand this list.

Taking into consideration the role of intellectual property in the knowledge- based economy, WIPO is constantly called upon to extend its contribution in a world facing increased complexity and even greater challenges. With its dynamic, transparent and modern pattern of activities, and current leadership WIPO can provide a substantive and meaningful contribution. The range of issues on WIPO's agenda reflects its commitment and ability to assist countries in their social and economic development. Indeed, in recent years WIPO has gained much visibility in the multilateral system and enhanced its role. We encourage Dr. Idris to continue these endeavors and further improve WIPO's record during his second term of office.

Moreover, Mr. Chairman, we consider that in over the past 6 years significant attention has been given to issues that are of particular interest and concern to the countries in our region. The modernization of our intellectual property systems as well as their use for the economic and social development in our region have been well addressed in the work of WIPO, taking duly into account existing realities and sensitivities.

We have embarked upon new fields and forms of cooperation. Under the current policy framework and working modalities in the Organization our countries can pursue even more ambitious goals in the future - further develop their intellectual property systems, actively participate in the international cooperation in enhancing both the international IPR system and the benefit sharing from the existing regimes, raise the level of awareness in our societies on the importance of the Intellectual Property rights and assets and last but not least - contribute to the development of the IPR system within the Organization itself. We hope that the countries from our region will continue to receive appropriate attention and assistance in the future as well.

Against this background, the group of the Central European and Baltic States wishes to reiterate its full appreciation of the performance of Dr. Kamil IDRIS, as Director General of WIPO, its satisfaction of his reappointment and to wish him every success during his second mandate as Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization. We are determined to bring out our specific contribution to the important work conducted here at WIPO.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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