Executive Board of the UNDP and UNFPA
Annual session 2004
Item 13: Annual Report of the Executive Director

Statement by

Mrs. Florentina Voicu,
First Secretary

GENEVE, June 21st 2004

Mr. President,
Members of the Executive Board,

We thank and congratulate the Executive Director for a very comprehensive and incisive Annual Report for the year 2003.

As a member of the Executive Board of the United Nations Development Programme/United Nations Population Fund, Romania is interested and attaches a great importance to a good partnership with UNFPA. All the projects and programmes developed in our country are in line and complementary to the domestic economic reform.

Therefore, Romania would like to reaffirm its continued commitment to the UNFPA activities inside of the UN system. We strongly believe that the cooperation between UNFPA and the Government of Romania will be strengthened and new strategies in population growth will be further developed.

We would also like to underscore the central role of the Fund in assisting countries in achieving the goals of ICPD, ICPD + 5 and MDGs. With the strong support of the donor governments through the years, UNFPA has been able to provide assistance through its programmes in developing countries and countries with economies in transition, helping them to address, among other issues, their reproductive health, population and development issues, gender, as well as combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Romania strongly believes that the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, named ATLAS, launched in January 2004, will further contribute to increasing organizational efficiency and effectiveness and to enhancing the Fund's ability to link resources to results. We would like to inform the members of the Executive Board and UNFPA management that the Government of Romania has already honored its outstanding pledge to the UNFPA's regular resources for the year 2004.

Mr. President,

Romania welcomes the Fund's focus on strengthening country offices aimed at the implementation of country and sub-regional programmes approved by the Executive Board, including through human resources development and knowledge sharing. Given the enlarged responsibilities of the Romania's Sub-regional Office, Romania CO has continued its policy of sharing knowledge in the region and beyond. We would like to praise the work of the UNFPA Country Office for the excellent initiatives in Romania and the role, which the UNFPA CO is playing in implementing them in the context of the draft Country Programme Document for Romania (2005 - 2009).

The proposed UNFPA country programme, aligned with the development priorities and goals of the Government of Romania, will have two components: reproductive health, including sexual health; population and development strategies, including gender. The goal of the country programme is to contribute to improving the quality of life of the people of Romania. This goal is aligned with the national MDGs, the National Anti-Poverty Plan, the UNDAF goals and the UNFPA multi-year funding framework (MYFF).

Romania has made significant progress towards a democratic model of governance and an economic system that promotes efficiency and sustained growth. The process of accession to the European Union is guiding the development of my country. Implementing the European Commission roadmap for EU accession remains one of Romania's top priorities. During 2003, the Government of Romania has launched the National Strategy on Sexual and Reproductive Health and the National Strategy on Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), both with deep implications regarding the health care service provision.

Thank you.

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