National Strategies

For the latest information on national startegies, please visit the Romanian Government Web Page on National Strategies

"Romania's Timetable for Completion of Reforms" Romania's Timetable for Completion of Reforms stresses Romania's commitment to continue and finalise the reforms assumed by the Government in preparation for NATO membership, as well as for EU membership. These reforms are an integral part of the wider strategy to reform and modernise the Romanian society. They constitute a continuous and long lasting process over several years, with additional goals to be achieved in the coming months and years;

"Strategy in Communications" The State Secretariat for Communications has the mission to secure the necessary framework for a real, fair and transparent competition on the Romanian communications market so as to offer the Romanian public the highest quality of services at the lowest possible prices;

"The Stage and Modalities of Industrial Restructuring in Romania" In the framework of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe's debate on the process of economic reform in Central and Eastern European Countries, the Unit of Coordination for Operational Activities organised a Round Table on the Industrial Restructuring in the European Transition Economies (Geneva, 12 - 13 February 2002).

"Progress Report on the measures taken by the Romanian Authorities to combat trafficking in human beings (February 2002)"

Strategy regarding Information Technology" The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has the mission to create the sustainable premises for the transition to the Information Society in Romania;

"The strategy for improving the condition of the Roma" (23 April 2001), a document resulted from the joint effort of the Government and the representative of the Roma community;

"The strategy concerning the protection of the child in difficulty" (31 May 2001), a comprehensive document that defines a profound reform in the child protection system.